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Kenza International Beauty



Our Brand:KENZA – “be generously beautiful”™  

KENZA – “be generously beautiful”™ is a new upscale line of all natural skin and hair care products made with 100% pure, Organic Argan oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil that deeply moisturizes skin and hair leaving them hydrated, beautiful, healthy, and protected from free radicals.

Our socially responsible line can be used by women, men and children. It is formulated without parabens, mineral oils, silicones, alcohol, colorant, or animal ingredients (and not tested on animals).

Our Mission: Social Change For Women 

KENZA International Beauty aims to broaden the meaning of physical beauty to also include generosity and its global impact. In alignment with this goal, we ask us and you to “be generously beautiful”™.

To meet this aspiration, we will allocate a portion of our profits to support women foundations in the US and a women cooperative in Morocco that produces our KENZA Pure Argan Oil. This way, we provide all of us the opportunity to empower women simply by purchasing

We support social change for women in Morocco and in the United States. We donate and share 10% of our net profits with women foundations and a women cooperative.

NO Parabens - Triclosan - Phalates - Silicone 


*Imported from Les Laboratoires Azbane  - CERTIFIED Organic by Istituto  Mediterraneo di Certificazione 


Monthly pop-up The SEED Market at the Altman Building




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