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*KENZA International Beauty on Telemundo*                                       

 Mujer de hoy: Beneficios del aceite de Argon    

ABC4 Utah - the Daily Dish :                                                                                                     KENZA Pure Argan oil & KENZA Pure Hair Treatment oil







Organic SPA Magazine - 2015 Skin Care Guide Page 82



Complexion might be the focus here, but just like Argan oil, cactus oil can do wonders for dry locks.We let this sit in our hair for 30 minutes before shampooing thoroughly and letting it air dry—only to find that our hopelessly unruly waves were suddenly silky and frizz-free.




A Moroccan entrepreneur brings argan oil to America 

by way of women's co-ops


Khadija Fajry, an immigrant to both France and the US, likens nascent cosmetic industry to a goldrush in which she offers 'the real thing'

 theguardian.comSunday 13 July 2014 



Our luxurious KENZA Pure Hair Treatment Oil in the goody bags at Kimberly Elise ‪#‎NaturalHairAffair‬ event.April 2015

KENZA International Beauty participated to a Big Beauty Giveaway with Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide Sep. 2014


 Organic SPA Magazine Skin Care Guide 2014 (p.91) 

Prickly Pear Seed Oil named HOT Beauty Ingredients 2014  by Organic SPA Magazine



For a perfect complexion See page 379

The Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil from Kenza is such a treat. The precious, pure Moroccan beauty oil contains over 85% essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 9), vitamin E (one and a half times the amount found in Argan oil), active minerals and amino acids, making it a potent antioxidant. 

The luxurious beauty oil offers amazing moisturizing, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties that the skin will gratefully 
drink up.  This is a keeper and I am reordering as soon 
as possible. - The ADDRESS Magazine



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My beauty secrets chat with Ajableu: Moroccan Beauty Secrets:

Lessons from Khadija Fajry via 


I was honored to be featured by The Story Exchange as an entrepreneurial business owner that contributes and makes an impact on the global economy. To read the full interview and learn more about The Story Exchange follow this link.



At the Fashion in the Fast Lane, New York - Feb. 28th 2014 - Watch the Show







Recognition and reviews from Health & Beauty Experts 



Honored to read another great review for our KENZA Pure Argan oil, from Lindsey Rivera - Celebrity Make-up Artist Los angeles 





Honored that Dr Frank Lipman has mentioned our KENZA Pure Argan Oil in the products he LOVES: “Be Well Products We  Love” Pinterest




Grateful that Sophie Uliano, New York Times best-selling author, healthy living advocate and Beauty Insider on OpenSky, loved KENZA Pure 

Platinum package, KENZA Pure Argan Oil and KENZA Pure SPA Bar Soap.

Here what our beautiful OpenSky Insider Sophie Uliano had to say about KENZA Pure Argan Oil & KENZA Pure SPA Bar Soap: "If you haven't fallen in love with Argan Oil by now, you're definitely missing out! This oil is one of my beauty must-haves because it has so many benefits for your skin and hair. It calms skin inflammation, ends dryness, heals stretchmarks, lightens scars and makes your hair silky smooth... plus much much more!


Kim West Beauty World News: “The Benefits of Facial Oils: Yes, They’re Good for Your Skin”



Celebrity Makeup Artist Nicole Bryl Make-Up New York, incorporates "KENZA Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil" into her makeup kit when she's getting her clients Red Carpet Ready!  

KENZA Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil  & KENZA Pure Hair Treatment oil  have made the list of beauty products Nicole Bryl can't live without. "Celebrity Makeup Artist: Nicole Bryl, Make-Up New York, Spills Her Can’t Live Without Beauty Items" -

We love to make beautiful friends happy , even in Columbia where, thanks to Nicole Byrl, we were able to share our KENZA "be generously beautiful" Skin & Hair products.


Mentioned by Sarita Rosenhaus Coren – Fashion/Style Editor at The Epoch Times

   "KENZA International Hair Treatment oil introduces oil newbie, prickly pear seed oil, to the American scene, in addition to ever-popular staple, argan oil, and other antioxidants, for a hair cocktail that’s smoothing without weighing hair down. Plus the fragrance and company motto, “Be generously beautiful,” really resonate with me, $17 for 1 oz. One or two drops do the trick for my slightly wavy hair so the bottle lasts a while." &


KENZA International Beauty Pure Fusion Oil featuring their natural blend of Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils. Read my review here:

"This oil has kept my skin moisturized and supple despite the windy autumn weather. It absorbs quickly into the skin and gives me a natural glow. I’ve accumulated some brown spots from my vacation in Thailand over the summer, and the oil, to my delight, is gradually lightening the spots. This oil will definitely be holding prime cabinet space throughout the rest of Autumn and Winter."


Econibella interviews Khadija Fajry - Founder & CEO KENZA International Beauty

 KENZA International Beauty - Interview with the founder, Khadija Fajry 


      From Green beauty Blogger - Seed to Serum : “'Argan for All!" –

KENZA Pure Fusion Oil : This remarkable blend contains only two spectacular oils, argan and prickly pear. Wrinkles and dehydration are no match for these two nutrient-dense oils. This oil is perfect for purists looking for a little more oomph than argan alone can offer, but not willing to stray too far from the familiar. It is also wonderful for men because the scent is nutty, rather than sweet and flowery.


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