KENZA International Beauty New York - Social Enterprise About Us
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Hello, I am Khadija Fajry founder of KENZA International Beauty, a Social Enterprise in New York and I am on a mission to offer the best skin, hair and body care to the world.

I started my Social Enterprise with the simple idea of sharing the highest quality Moroccan Argan Oil with the world after being outraged by what was available on the beauty market labeled as “Argan oil” or “Moroccan Oil”. That’s when my pride took over and I made it my mission to find the best and let the world discover our national beauty oil.

Being Moroccan I had the privilege of using the real Argan oil crafted traditionally by Berber women, which were my parents’ friends, so we were sure of the authenticity. I found out later that even for us, it was very hard to purchase authentic, unaltered, pure Argan oil in Moroccan stores and markets.

After extensive research I was able find the most reputable, reliable supplier in Morocco that works only with large corporations around the world. As a small business getting access to high quality products that not only are USDA organic but also ISO9001 certified (International Quality certification), is a great value added that I proudly share with you.

Once I secured getting the best Argan oil in Morocco, I discovered the amazing Prickly Pear Seed oil (that completely erased the hyperpigmentation on my face – read more about it); of course I couldn’t keep it just for myself. It was then that my purpose became to share with the world not only these two certified organic Moroccan Oils but also other natural plant based botanical beauty treasures (beldi soap, essential oils, and clay) sourced around the globe.

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Read full interview page 34-35


Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” –  Bill Drayton


I always wanted to be a philanthropist because there is such a rewarding feeling when you help others.

Adding a philanthropic element to the purchase of beauty products and supporting social change for women was just an obvious and meaningful thing to do. That is how KENZA “be generously beautiful” ™ was born in 2012.

Growing up I was always devoted to help others in Morocco, in France where I grew up and even in the United States where I live now.

Throughout my travels I’ve noticed that women were the same, with similar needs, expectations, and hopes for themselves, their families and their community. But often social inequalities have severe repercussions on their lives and most of the time all they need are simple acts of generosity to make a slight shift in their lives.