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Argan Oil Skincare
Berber Woman Cracking Argan Nuts in Morocco 2012
Prickly Pear Seed Oil Khadija Fajry KENZA International Beauty in Morocco

You deserve real botanical ingredients in your skincare, without chemicals and harsh ingredients or a bunch of oils mixed together being called “Argan oil.” Right?


Real, natural skincare has been part of my life since I can remember. I was born in Morocco. My parents were friends with the Berber women who crafted traditional, pure, culinary Argan oil, which we used pure oil every day on our hair. (This was way before cosmetic Argan was available in the beauty market.)

When I moved to the US in 2000 I couldn’t find any pure Argan oil to use on my skin and hair, so I always brought enough back from my visits to France to last me until my next trip.

It was when I noticed some big brands in the US making products with just a drop of Argan oil and the main ingredients were cheap fillers (while still advertising them as Moroccan Argan Oil) that I realized I had to do something. I knew it was “crap” {Read The Guardian Newspaper} {Organic SPA Magazine – A Global Mission From Morocco } so, I decided to bring the real thing to America.

I started KENZA International Beauty with the simple idea of sharing the highest quality Moroccan Argan oil until I made a new discovery that brought back my self-confidence. Of course, I had to share with the world!


My other beauty discovery happened when I was offered a sample of pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil by my supplier. I had huge dark spots on my face after I had several (failed) IVF treatments. To this day I don’t know if he was just trying to sell me the most expensive beauty oil or he intentionally gave me this precious oil to try on my uneven complexion. The results blew me away (it completely erased the hyperpigmentation on my face and I gained back my confidence in my true beauty– read more about it);

Of course, I couldn’t keep it just for myself. I knew too many women dealing with the same skin issue so I added it to my line that I named KENZA “be generously beautiful ™.

KENZA means ‘treasure” in Arabic. I found pure, powerful, plant-based oils and botanicals that are real treasures for beautiful skin.


I want every woman to feel that kind of confidence and freedom that comes with caring for her beautiful skin with the best that nature provides us.

Start feeding your skin and hair with only ingredients you can pronounce and trust.




The richness and importance of botanicals are part of the culture of both Morocco and France.

Roses, Rose Oil Otto and Rose Hydrosol Morocco
Khadija Fajry Lavandin in Provence
Argan Tree at Atlas Kasbah Garden in Agadir
Natural beauty is part of my heritage.

I was born in Morocco where at a young age I was exposed by my grandmother to plants, seeds, flowers, and botanical oils for beauty (link to my Blog). 

Growing up in the south of France, fresh herbs such as lavender, rosemary, basil, and thyme were everywhere…gardens, local markets, window boxes. It helped me appreciate herbs and their beneficial properties not only to the skin but to your overall wellbeing.

On my yearly travels to Provence to visit my parents I started to explore using the essential oils available locally to incorporate them into my two KENZA Pure Moroccan Oils.

I found my beauty treasures and I wasn’t going to give them up.

It was then that my purpose became to share with the world not only my two Moroccan Oils, essential oils but also other natural plant-based botanical beauty treasures sourced around the globe.


Finding the best Argan oil in Morocco was not that easy!


My research leads me to the most reputable, reliable supplier in Morocco for the best organic Argan oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Working only with large corporations around the world, they were fascinated with my mission and decided to work with me.

As a small business getting access to high-quality products that not only are USDA organic but also ISO9001 certified (International Quality certification) is an achievement I proudly share with you.


High standards for quality, sustainability, and ethical values. 


We select our suppliers for all our pure ingredients and ready-made products with high standards on quality, sustainability, and ethical values.

Our suppliers are small family-owned businesses that are dedicated to sharing not only their passion for nature, and botanical ingredients but their care for our environment and the social development of their communities.