Hello beautiful friend!


From our humble beginning in 2012 all  I wanted was to bring you authentic, pure, real Moroccan Argan oil. Our incredible journey led us to discover more natural beauty treasures, and rare botanical ingredients,  along the way and that’s what I’ve been sharing with you since.


Traveling on-sites in Morocco, France,  meeting suppliers, touching, smelling, and testing new ingredients before launching them have been the most enriching experience.   


Our vision to include a philanthropic element in purchasing the best natural beauty products helped us support various women empowering causes. 


With Love & Gratitude 


Khadija Fajry
Founder & CEO at KENZA International Beauty 
Khadija Fajry Grinding Seeds with Mortar and Pestle
Argan nuts in baskets Taroudant by Khadija Fajry


◊  Share authentic natural beauty treasures in their purest form with the world.
◊  Introduce you to beauty treasures like our ancestral Moroccan beauty secrets and French love for nature excellence.
◊  Make high-quality luxurious beauty products accessible to all.
◊  Help you achieve your ultimate beauty by claiming back your confidence.
◊ Inspire you to take the lead on your beauty regimen by making yourself a priority and taking more time for wellness
◊  Always be transparent about our ingredients and their sources.
◊  Source the highest quality ingredients from suppliers that meet our rigorous standards and ethics.
◊  Offer pure ingredients wholesale to let other indie beauty brands spread our vision.
◊ Inspire you to be generously beautiful to empower women at a global level and balance social injustice.

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Our Clean Beauty Luxury Slow Beauty products are enjoyed by clients that put their wellness, beauty, health, and themselves as their priority. 

They value the power of botanical ingredients and appreciate their quality. 

We make sure to help them attain that mindset and lifestyle.

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