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KENZA International Beauty is a social enterprise on a mission to make natural beauty a generous act to support social change for women.
social enterprise, philanthropy, beauty that gives back
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KENZA International Beauty aims to support social change for women around the globe.


We are committed to:


– Partner, donate to organizations to support their mission and goals in empowering women.

– Support causes like the fight against domestic violence, social injustice, education, and health.

As a social enterprise we aim to to help by donating a percentage of our net profits, by participating in fundraising events or by donating during sponsored charity events.

KENZA International Beauty received Entrepreneurship Award – Queens Unity Iftar 2016

As part of its social entrepreneurship mission, KENZA International Beauty is committed to supporting social change for women in the USA and Morocco.


With the generosity and support of our beautiful friends (aka clients) worldwide that purchase our products, we are able to allocate a percentage of our net profits to non-profits organizations that are helping women achieve social, financial, and personal independence.


We are all part of the change we want to see in our communities, our society, our country and in the world.


Fundraising, donations and charity events we were involved in:

– Vice Chair Organization committee for the Neighborhood Dinner for The New York Women’s Foundation.

– We lend money as crowndfunding loans to women entrepreneurs in collaboration with KIVA.

– Iftar Fundraising Event for Turning Point for Women and Families, SMILE for Charity, Islamic Relief.

– Donation from a shopping event in Long Island City to Hour Children organization, The Floating Hospital

– Barefaced LIC~ers Fundraiser at Woodbines LIC to raise money for breast cancer research for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

– Donation to Asiyah Women’s Center First Muslim women’s emergency center in New York.

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We support a small women cooperative in Morocco

KENZA International Beauty supports social change for women – 2019

KENZA International Beauty – Sharing the generous beauty of Argan Oil 2014

KENZA International Beauty visits the TIRIZIT Women Cooperative in Arazane, Morocco. 2012