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Plum Oil Slow Beauty Skincare

Plum Oil Slow Beauty Skincare 

Plum Oil Slow Beauty products: Blue Plum Oil Serum (Prickly Pear Seed Oil Blue Tansy) and Prune Plum Beauty Oil for Skin and Hair.

High in nourishing Oleic acid Omega 9 (75%), Linoleic acid Omega 6 (20%), and Vitamin E, Prune Plum oil is a multipurpose, and ideal beauty oil to nourish, moisturize your skin, hair, hands, and lips.

It has a light golden yellow color, rich texture, and a delicious natural fragrance and taste of frangipane or sweet almond dessert.

Plum Kernel Oil has a composition similar to Argan Oil with a higher level of Omega 9 than Vitamin E antioxidants.

Available wholesale for Luxury Beauty, Indi Beauty, Holistic Organic SPA, and Clean Beauty formulators.

 PLUM Kernel Oil Wholesale




Ingredient: Cold-Pressed Organic Plum Kernel Oil Prunus Domestica Seed Oil. Bio/Organic*

Cultivation: * Bio Organic – Our supplier has BIO certification (Organic Europe standards)

Extraction: Cold pressed

Origin: France


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