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Beldi Soap (or Moroccan Black Soap) is a 100 % natural, eco-beauty product that has been used in Moroccan hammam (SPA bathing ritual) for centuries to cleanse, detoxify, scrub and moisturize skin.

Beldi soap has a paste gel texture made from pressed olives skin.

Ideal for sensitive skin. Can be used as a shaving paste.

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Kessa Mitt Hammam Glove

KENZA Kessa Mitt Hammam Glove is the traditional Moroccan bath accessory used for centuries for a deep body exfoliation to remove dead skin , eliminate toxins, activate blood circulation, to reveal soft, regenerated, and glowing skin naturally. This traditional Moroccan beauty treatment prepares the skin to receive and absorb better your body moisturizer (KENZA SENSUAL Marrakech Body Oil)

Kessa Blue = coarse
Kessa Red = soft



How to use it and get the best body scrub ever?

Soak you KENZA Kessa Mitt Hammam Glove in warm water to soften it. Drain and start using it.

  • In a Moroccan Hammam SPA or your bathroom warm up your body with a hot shower or steam for 10 min to open pores.
  • Apply generously KENZA Beldi Soap all over your body. Let it sit for 5 min. Rinse off with warm water.
  • Rinse the glove and start massaging gently skin (body only) in circular motion. After few minutes layers of dead skin and impurities will roll off the body onto the “Kessa” exfoliating glove.
  • Wash and dry your KENZA Kessa Mitt Hammam Glove.
  • We recommend using this Moroccan Hammam SPA experience once a week.


Complete your beauty routine with a body mask made with KENZA Pure Moroccan Lava Clay Rhassoul, Rose water, or milk and drops of KENZA Pure Argan Oil.