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KENZA Argan Oil Neroli ENERGY is a pure, plant-based facial oil packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, C, that deeply moisturizes, regenerates skin cells, balances sebum production, rejuvenates, and restores your youthful complexion.


This power-packed skincare care blend of pure Argan oil and Orange Blossom Neroli essential oil deeply nourishes, revitalizes, gives your skin natural radiance, and a stimulating boost of energy.


Clean beauty skincare made with only two botanical ingredients: organic cold-pressed Argan oil and pure Neroli essential oil distilled from the blossom of the bitter oranges of Morocco.


9 Women With Great Skin Share Their Clean Skin-Care Routines

9 Women With Great Skin Share Their Clean Skin-Care Routines – Glamour Magazine
Read the article By Bella Cacciatore

Karim Orange – Emmy Nominated Clean Makeup Artist, Urban Farmer, Beauty, and Lifestyle Writer – shares her beauty routine with Glamour Magazine and how she incorporates KENZA Argan Oil Neroli ENERGY and KENZA Orange Blossom Toner in her clean beauty ritual.


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A nourishing and revitalizing blend of Moroccan Argan oil and Orange Blossom Neroli essential oil that deeply moisturizes skin, hair, and nails

Rich in Fatty Acids Omega 6, 9 Linoleic Acid, polyphenol, carotenes, squalene, and antioxidant vitamin E and C. Light, silky, our Argan oil quickly absorbs into skin and hair without leaving any residue or smell.

It deeply moisturizes skin and hair leaving them hydrated, beautiful, healthy, glowing, and protected from free radicals.

Orange blossom oil also known as neroli oil is treasured for its transformational effects on the mind, body, and spirit.  The aroma of orange blossom oil refreshes the brain, thus increasing inspiration and creative ability. When applied to the skin, it helps regenerate skin cells.

It is also used for toning dry, wrinkled, and sensitive skin. Due to its sebum balancing effect, it is effective to normalize dry or oily skin conditions.

A few drops rubbed between your palms and inhaled, can uplift your mood and beautify your environment.

KENZA Argan Oil ENERGY  is a multi-purpose natural beauty/grooming care product that will enhance and simplify your life. Pure and scented with a touch of Moroccan Orange Blossom Neroli essential oil.

Argan Oil ENERGY can be used by men and women from head to toes to moisturize skin.

  • conditions the skin hydro-lipid layer and locks in the moisture
  • improves skin elasticity, radiance
  • regenerates skin cells
  • balance sebum production
  • protects against free radicals
  • helps to heal acne and blemishes
  • the aromatic scent of Neroli essential oil energizes the soul
  • nourishes and conditions hair and prevents split ends
  • softens and strengthens nails and cuticles



Directions: Apply this non-greasy organic oil daily on skin to moisturize, nourish, treat dryness.



We use Opaque White glass bottles to preserve the quality of the botanical oils.

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