Plum Kernel Oil Wholesale Supplier in New York


Plum Oil Wholesale or Plum Kernel Oil Prunus Domestica Seed Oil Wholesale 


Organic Carrier Oil for Clean Beauty formulation, Indie Beauty and Slow Beauty Brands, Holistic SPA, and Luxury Beauty makers. 

Cold-pressed Plum Kernels. Filtered. Pure Virgin Plum Kernel Cosmetic Oil 


High in nourishing Oleic acid Omega 9 (75%), Linoleic acid Omega 6 (20%), and Vitamin E, Plum Oil is an ideal carrier oil to formulate natural skin, hair, and body care.

It has a light golden yellow color, rich texture, and a delicious natural fragrance and taste of frangipane (marzipan) or sweet almond dessert.

Plum Kernel Oil has a composition similar to Argan Oil with a higher level of Omega 9 than Vitamin E antioxidants.

Plum Oil can be blended with Moroccan Argan Oil and is the perfect carrier oil to mix with Prickly Pear Seed Oil.


Plum Oil Wholesale Prune Clean Beauty

For larger quantities, we will proceed on a pre-order basis as our supplier presses the kernels once an order is placed always to get the freshest batch of this beautiful oil. 

Contact us if you have questions.  

PLEASE NOTE that prices are subject to change based on the constant increase in international shipping and the cost of our imported ingredients. 


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Plum Oil Wholesale – New York

Plum Kernel Oil or Plum Seed Oil – Prunus Domestica Seed Oil Carrier Oil:


A new addition to our Slow Beauty botanical oil

Our Plum Kernel Oil is sourced from a region in France that has been growing, producing, and harvesting plums for centuries. Plum arrived in France from China during the silk road era. Later on, a new plum variety originating from Syria came during the crusade period and that’s how France got this unique hybrid variety.

This oil is produced in small batches to preserve its freshness and quality. After harvesting the plums in late summer, the pits are removed, washed, and dried. The kernels are then extracted from the pits to be cold-pressed into this beautiful oil. We also learned that the pits could be stored throughout the year and pressed when needed.


Try it, and order a free sample. One sample, please.


Plum Kernel Oil KENZA International Beauty

Plums Prunes France ©KENZA International Beauty

Plum Oil KENZA International Beauty

Plum Oil Plum seeds ©KENZA International Beauty

Ingredient: Cold-Pressed Organic Plum Kernel Oil Prunus Domestica Seed Oil. Organic*

Name: Bio* (Organic) Plum Kernel Oil  (Prunus Domestica Seed Oil)

Cultivation: * Bio Organic – Our supplier has BIO certification (Organic Europe standards)

Extraction: Cold pressed

Origin: France



Contact us for larger quantities

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