We believe Social responsibility is generously beautiful!

KENZA International Beauty products are designed to  be socially responsible, sustainable and ethical.  Our philanthropic elements are in every purchase of KENZA “be generously beautiful”™ beauty care products. 

From our visits to the Moroccan communities where Berber women work so diligently and carefully to extract argan nuts from the tough shells…

…to partnering and donating to organizations like The New York Women”s Foundation, Hour Children, The Floating Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Asiyah Women’s Center to support their mission and goals in empowering women…

…and, supporting causes to the fight against domestic violence, social injustice, education, and health.  

By purchasing our products, we contribute to social change for women in the USA and Morocco.






Women cracking Argan nuts in Arazane
Khadija Fajry Social Mission at Cooperative Tirizite